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Behold the 1978 Volkswagen Fuzzy Furry Furbie

A 1978 Volkswagen Beetle has been transformed into a fuzzy critter and is now available for sale.

Photo courtesy of Auto Trader

"Furbie gets attention wherever she goes," the vehicle description reads. Ya think?! A 1978 Volkswagen Beetle is currently listed on Autotrader UK and it comes with all the fur included - but that's not all.

It has large furry ears attached to the roof, faux whiskers at the front, headlight "eyelids", and modified dual exhaust. Its front plate reads "FURBIE".

Underneath the fur is a 1978 Beetle with 48 bhp coming from its 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. The engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. It has an ignition key and a faux key at the back that "swings like a wind up toy at the push of a switch" according to the listing.

The car only has 15,000 miles on it meaning that the 42-year old car has averaged just 357 miles per year to date. The owner isn't a mechanic, but says, "I've driven it on a 100 mile round trip and never missed a beat."

First registered in 1978, the Beetle is a historic vehicle, so is exempt from both tax and MOT.

Volkswagen ceased production of the Beetle late last year putting an end to the era signing off on the model with a commercial on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve". It is one of Volkswagen's most memorable vehicles though this particular car takes the term memorable in a whole different direction.

Currently, the UK is under lockdown meaning that the car cannot be purchased at this time. However, there's no reason why you can't do some virtual windows shopping and make your plans for purchasing once the order lifts.

Vintage Volkswagens are hot right now, especially Type 2s, which are being made into electric vehicles. The VW e-BULLI concept was first shown in March and a Type 2 with an e-Golf powertrain debuted last November. Last year, Volkswagen helped restore the VW Light Bus and showcased the project in a documentary.

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The ID. Buzz enters production in Europe soon.


The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is one of the most anticipated EVs in a sea of desirable and exciting new vehicles. With retro styling and an all-electric powertrain, the van promises to be a funky, futuristic people-hauler with plenty of new tech. Today, VW handed out specs and information on the van during its global launch.

Volkswagen ID. BuzzInterior and exterior design ooze retro style. Volkswagen

Two configurations are available: A five-seat passenger version and a three-seat cargo version. Both ride on Volkswagen's modular electric drive platform (MEB), and both are rear-wheel drive. Power output lands at 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque, and the van's top speed reaches 145 mph.

Inside is where the magic happens. The passenger van features five seats, and in top models the seats come with massaging functionality. The three-person bench seat in the second row can be folded flat or folded 60/40, and the seat slides up to 5.9 inches front to back. Six-passenger seating is standard, but an extended wheelbase seven-seat configuration will be offered.

Inside, a ten-inch digital gauge cluster is standard, and pairs with a ten-inch infotainment touchscreen. A 12-inch display is available, and touch controls handle climate controls and audio volume. Rather than a traditional gear selector lever, Volkswagen uses a stalk mounted on the steering column. The Cargo version gets special storage functions, including a removal center console and several storage bins.

Volkswagen ID. BuzzBoth passenger and cargo configurations are offered.Volkswagen

ID. Buzz Cargo production starts in Europe early this year, with production of the standard van following shortly after. The European launch is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022, and the van will launch in North America in 2024. Volkswagen has not yet nailed down the model year for the new van, and will release more information closer to its release.

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The electric ID. Buzz enters production this fall.


Few vehicles are as iconic or as instantly recognizable as the Volkswagen Bus. The funky German people-hauler features a unique upright shape and cavernous interior space for carrying passengers to music festivals far and wide. Volkswagen hasn't sold a van here in the U.S. for several years now, as the last family carrier it offered was the Routan. That's about to change, and in a big way. The ID. Buzz - a seriously quirky electric van is on its way, and promises to be a compelling zero-emissions vehicle.

Volkswagen ID. BuzzVW promises 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. Range figures are expected soon.Volkswagen

The van premiered at the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, and VW has used it as an EV ambassador since. Though it looks like a frumpy people hauler, Volkswagen says the MEB platform upon which the ID. Buzz rides makes it agile. Like many EVs, its 82-kWh battery is located beneath the load floor, which helps give the van a low center of gravity and improve handling. It's paired with an electric motor mounted on the rear axle that provides 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque.

The ID. Buzz offers five seats and 39.6 cubic feet of cargo space. An available ID. Buzz Cargo carries a petition behind the front seats and offers a total cargo capacity of 5.1 cubic yards (137.7 cubic feet). Both versions of the van are 185.5 inches long and ride on wheels ranging from 18 to 21 inches in size. The relatively compact dimensions give the van a turning radius of just over 35 feet.

Volkswagen ID. BuzzThe ID. Buzz is on a final European quality check tour before entering production. Volkswagen

VW says a fleet of pre-production vans is touring Europe working out final kinks before full-scale production begins. VW will start building the ID. Buzz in the second half of 2022 and the van will launch in Europe in fall. The vehicle we see here in the United States will ride on an extended wheelbase, but no other region-specific specs are available.

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