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Toyota commits to 70 electrified products by 2025; here's what's coming

Toyota trademark filings reveal what is coming in its lineup.

Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation

Today Toyota committed to expand their company portfolio by around 70 models globally by 2025. That's just four years from now. The company has said that of those 70-ish, 15 will be new battery electric vehicles and seven will be Toyota bZ models.

They're not just talking about cars and SUVs. Toyota also says that it's bringing electrification to its truck lineup including hybrid and BEV powertrains.

So, what exactly is coming? A little sleuthing and some educated guessing tells the story. It's important to note that all the information below is of a speculative nature as Toyota, like every other automaker, is not in the habit of commenting on future product. It's also important to remember that just because a product name has made the list, that doesn't necessarily mean it will for-sure come to market.

Lexus RZ450e

A trademark application for "RZ450e" has already been filed. It would follow in line with Toyota company nomenclature if an all-electric version of the Lexus RX 450h became the Lexus RZ450e (or Lexus RZ 450e). The RX450h name is already used on the hybrid version of the popular Lexus SUV (sold also as the RX 350).

Toyota bZ5

If they're committed to using "X" to denote all-wheel drive-capable SUVs, then it stands to reason that the Toyota bZ5 will be an electric car. When it comes to guessing size, look to the fact that other automakers (BMW, Mercedes, etc.) use "5" to denote a midsize sedan. This could possibly be an all-electric version of the Camry.

However, it's also a possibility that the bZ5 could be an all-electric version of the Toyota Avalon given how the current lineup sits and figuring that "5" is as high as Toyota has worked to trademark.

Toyota bZ3X

If the Toyota bZ4X is a compact SUV, perhaps the bZ3X is a subcompact, a little larger than the Toyota C-HR. This would fit with the nomenclature used in the scenario played out by the Toyota BZ5 hypothesis and fit into other brands' (Audi, BMW, etc.) naming schemes.

Toyota bZ5X

If the Toyota bZ3X is a smaller SUV than the bZ4X, then the bZ5X must be larger. Perhaps this model is a midsize SUV with a third row of seating that's comparable to what is currently in the Highlander. It could also be the name given to the all-electric version of the Highlander.

Toyota GR 010

Toyota uses GR in its naming scheme to denote models that are tuned by Gazoo Racing. The GR Supra and GR 86 are both proof of that. A Toyota GR 010 could be a small, performance-focused electric car.

Lexus TX350 & Lexus TX500h

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept was so loved by the press and public, word was that Toyota wanted to put it into production as soon as possible. It's likely that the TX350 and TX500h are three-row crossover versions of that concept. The naming structure would fit with the current UX, NX, and RX nomenclature while the TX500h is a nod to a higher-performance model with a larger engine than the RX 450h's that is also a hybrid.

Toyota bZ4, Toyota bZ3, Toyota bZ2, Toyota bZ1

If the Toyota bZ5 is an all-electric car about the size of the Camry or Avalon, it would make sense that the Toyota bZ4 and bZ3 are smaller all-electric cars. It would then follow that the bZ2 and bZ1 would be even smaller. From largest to smallest, the current Toyota lineup includes Avalon, Camry, and Corolla. Yaris is sold elsewhere in the world but a car that size could make a comeback as one of the bZ2 or bZ1 models.

Toyota bZ2X & Toyota bZ1X

With the bZ4X being about the size of the RV4, it stands to reason that the bZ2X may be about the size of the current Toyota C-HR. There's also a possibility that either the bZ2X or bZ1X could be an electric version of the Toyota Corolla Cross, a model that has been said to be likely to come to the U.S.

Remember, Toyota still owes us the identity of the product they'll be co-producing with Mazda at the plant in Alabama.

Toyota Trailhunter

There's a lot of people expecting Toyota to release a rugged small SUV in the spirit of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Some expect it to be able to go head-to-head with the Jeep Wrangler while others just hope for something more rugged than the Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road. Only time will tell.

Toyota Grand Highlander

There's a Jeep Wagoneer and a Grand Wagoneer. Could there be a Toyota Highlander and a Toyota Grand Highlander? With the Toyota Land Cruiser leaving the company's U.S. lineup, there's a hole up top that a fancy version of the Highlander could fill. Fancier and more rugged? That could be a win-win.

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New hot hatch

Toyota teases GR Corolla hatchback

The Instagram teaser contains many hints at the new GR Corolla.


Toyota isn't always top of mind when it comes to performance cars, but the Japanese giant has a few tricks up its sleeve. There's the Supra, which the automaker partnered with BMW to produce and there's also the not-for-the-U.S. GR Yaris. The hotted-up hatchback features tremendous power and a four-wheel drive system, but buyers here can only watch jealously as our friends in Europe and elsewhere get all the fun. That's about to change for U.S. buyers, however, as Toyota has begun teasing the GR Corolla hatchback, which we will get.

The automaker posted a cryptic image to Instagram a month ago, but it's still making the rounds on the internet today, with users of the GR Corolla Forum still discussing the post today. The teaser, which is of the Corolla's interior, features hints as to what we might see when the car debuts. The navigation screen shows GR Four road, which points to the car's four-wheel drive system, while a G:16 on the clock in the gauge cluster represents the G16E-GTS engine that the car is expected to get. The GR Yaris also sports that engine, where it produces 268 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque.

Toyota GR Corolla GR, or Gazoo Racing, is Toyota's motorsport armToyota Europe

The GR Corolla should break cover next year, but we don't yet know if it will be a 2022 or 2023 model. As far as pricing goes, Toyota may pull out some surprises, but the car will likely be far more expensive than an everyday Corolla. The smaller GR Yaris is priced starting at nearly $40,000 in Europe, so the Corolla's price tag should be around or slightly above that number.

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New electric pickup truck

GMC Hummer EV deliveries to start soon

Hummer EV deliveries will start in December.


This year has turned out to be as difficult for automakers as 2020 was, if not much more so. The pandemic is still a major factor, and to make matters worse there's a global microchip shortage that heavily impacts automakers' ability to build tech-heavy vehicles. GMC has a big launch left to handle in 2021, and according to a recent call with journalists, it's proceeding as planned. On a recent call with reporters, GMC exec Duncan Aldred noted that Hummer EV pickup deliveries are on track to begin in December. He also elaborated on the truck's EPA range numbers.

2023 GMC Hummer EV The trucks will deliver up to 329 miles on a charge. GMC

The Hummer's EPA range lands at 329, not far from the 350 miles General Motors targeted for the vehicle. Those are the estimates for the limited Hummer Edition 1, which carries a six-figure price tag and gobs of bells and whistles. Aldred said that other models coming later on will offer longer range estimates when they hit the roads sometime in 2023.

A staggering 80 percent of reservations GMC has gathered so far are for the Edition 1 model. Almost half of the 125,000 people who have inquired about the Hummer EV have placed the refundable $100 deposit and the SUV's first year of production is completely sold out.

2023 GMC Hummer EV The Hummer EV's first year of production is sold out. GMC

When it hits the streets later this year, the Hummer EV will be just in time to face off against a growing crop of EV trucks and SUVs. Rivian recently began delivering the R1T electric pickup truck and will continue with the R1S SUV next year. The Ford F-150 Lightning is coming in 2022, and General Motors itself has a Cadillac EV rollout to handle in 2022. Chevy and GMC will show off electric versions of the Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks on January 5 and GMC will push the Hummer SUV EV in 2023.

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