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Take a look inside the RM Sotheby's garage of highly collectable cars

The Peterson Automotive Museum recently hosted an inside peek at the RM Sotheby's garage.

Photo courtesy of The Petersen Automotive Museum

Few are invited into the RM Sotheby's garage in Southern California. Consider it the auction houses's holding pen for highly sought after vehicle that will be heading to an auction block soon, or are available via a discreet, private sale. The Peterson Automotive Museum recently hosted a behind-the-scenes look at the garage and its contents via YouTube, where you don't need to prove your net worth to gaze at the beauties.

Hosted by RM Sotheby's car specialist Alexander Weaver, the 10-minute video features some extremely rare machinery. The collection at the garage is mostly made up of sports cars.

Weaver kicks off the video by introducing a 1961 Alfa Romeo Zagato, which spent most of its life in Switzerland before sitting in the RM Sotheby's lobby. It was owned by the gentleman who owned multiple exotic car dealerships in Zurich, Karl Foitek. Before passing away in 2019, Foitek raced the car extensively.

Two unique Shelby Cobras live side-by-side in the garage's main showroom area. The 4000 and 6000 series vehicles are bodied in copper and polished bronze, respectively. They both give the driver access to about 650 horsepower and have a five-speed manual transmission. Weaver, who has driven many of the cars that are auctioned by the company, says that these two Cobras run and drive "really, really nicely."

The showroom also features a Mercedes-Benz SL 300 Roadster and a Series 1 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina. The Ferrari cabriolet is owned by a gentleman who drove it for about 20 years and invested some money in making it better to drive on rallies by adding disc brakes on all four corners and upgraded suspension components.

The SL 300 is fitted with the "more desirable" large drum brake which, according to Weaver, makes it stop better than earlier examples of the model. It rides on a reproduction set of wheels and is finished in its original white paint over green interior color scheme.

Across the courtyard, Weaver takes viewers into another part of the facility where vehicles coming up for auction are located including the Mercedes 300 SL's hard top, which includes the car's original hard top crate; 1964 Ferrari 250 GTL Lusso; 1995 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera RS; 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta; 1965 Jaguar E-type; and a 1951 Porsche 356, among others.

More modern collectibles are also able to be seen, including a BMW that is currently up for auction online.

Watch the full episode below.


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The 2022 Lexus ES will debut next week.

Photo courtesy of Lexus

The meat and potatoes of the Lexus sedan lineup, the ES, is due for a refresh, and it will get one. The 2022 Lexus ES will be shown publicly for the first time this Sunday as part of the festivities of the Shanghai auto show.

While the photo doesn't tell a lot, there's some things you can bet on in the 2022 ES. For starters, look for all the improvements that the auto has gotten over the last two years to carry over into the new model. That includes the addition of all-wheel drive to the lineup and standard blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert.

The ES Black Line may not make its way to the 2022 version of the midsize sedan. Generally, blacked out editions are available only at the tail end of a model run ahead of a refresh or generational redesign. However, the blacked out elements could become available as part of a package.

The headlight photo that Lexus has offered as a teaser shows a housing that is not dissimilar to the one that the Lexus IS wears. However, the daytime running light is on the bottom here, instead off the top. Like the IS, there are strong hood lines.

At the back, the preview video shows a vehicle that is very similar to the current model. It's taillights, a strong chrome line that runs the width of the year, and rear lip spoiler all look mostly same as before.

As for what to expect underneath the body of the car, there's not a lot of indication from the teasers, which leads one to believe that's where the biggest changes are coming. There's a good chance that we'll finally say goodbye to the Lexus touch pad in favor of a touch screen display that's within a comfortable distance.

It's also likely that Lexus will fine tune the dynamics of the ES in a similar fashion to how the Lexus IS got more performance-focused driving dynamics in its latest redo.

Stay tuned for more specifics are the curtain is pulled back on April 19 in China (April 18 in the U.S.).

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Honda is working with Verizon on self-driving cars technology.

Photo courtesy of American Honda Motor Co. Inc.

The Mcity campus was designed to be a proving ground for new technologies. Honda and Verizon are utilizing it as such as they partner to explore how Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband and 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) can be used to ensure quick and reliable communication between road infrastructure, vehicles, and pedestrians.

The 5G technology leverages cloud technology to deliver lower latency, a large amount of bandwidth, and improved communication. This communication includes the way that vehicles interact with ther cars, traffic lights, pedestrians and emergency vehicles to improve threat detection and avoid accidents when seconds matter most. That's where the "V2" in acronyms like "V2V" (vehicle-to-vehicle) and "V2X" (vehicle- to-everything).

Honda and Verizon Test How 5G Enhances Safety for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Honda has been working since 2017 to develop a technology that will help to create a collision-free society. The technology, called Safe Swarm, uses V2X communication to enable vehicles to communicate with other road users and share key information such as location, speed, and vehicle sensor data.

There are some obstacles, not the least of which is the need to outfit each vehicle with onboard artificial intelligence capabilities. The use of 5G helps move the AI capabilities from the vehicle to the MEC, reducing the need for AI onboard each vehicle.

"The ability to move computing power to the edge of our 5G network is an essential building block for autonomous and connected vehicles, helping cars to communicate with each other in near real-time and with sensors and cameras installed in streets and traffic lights," said Sanyogita Shamsunder, vice president of Technology Development and 5G Labs at Verizon. "When you consider that roughly 42,000 people were killed in car accidents last year and 94% of accidents are caused by human error, our new technologies including 5G and MEC can help drivers 'see' things before the human eye can register and react helping to prevent collisions and save lives."

Three safety scenarios have been explored as part of the testing:

  • Pedestrian Scenario - A pedestrian is crossing a street at an intersection. An approaching driver cannot see the pedestrian due to a building obstructing the view. Smart cameras mounted in the intersection relay information to MEC using the 5G network. Verizon's MEC and V2X software platforms detect the pedestrian and vehicle and determine the precise location of road users assisted by Verizon's Hyper Precise Location services. A visual warning message is then sent alerting the driver of the potential danger.
  • Emergency Vehicle Warning Scenari - A driver cannot see an approaching emergency vehicle and cannot hear its siren due to the high volume of in-vehicle audio. Verizon's MEC and V2X software receive a safety message from the emergency vehicle and send a warning message to nearby vehicles. The driver receives a visual warning.
  • Red Light Runner Scenario - A vehicle fails to stop at a red light. Using data from the smart cameras, MEC and V2X software detect the vehicle and send a red-light-runner visual warning message to other vehicles approaching the intersection.

You can watch the video of Honda and Verizon's Mcity tests at

Honda isn't the only company exploring what 5G communication can offer. Pirelli has installed the tech in its tires and BMW recently updated its My BMW app to make it compatible with the new technology. Audi is working on similar technology out on the road in Virginia and Georgia.

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