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Lexus teases electric concept car before its Tuesday debut

Lexus IS debuting a new concept car on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of Lexus

We already have an idea what it will look like. Now Lexus has teased something more intriguing about the concept vehicle they'll be unveiling on Tuesday, March 31.

"Many wonder what the future will look like. But few ask how it will feel." That's what the company released alongside a new image of the vehicle, which can be seen above. This image focuses on the interior of the concept car, showing off shapely seats that deliver a luxury ride experience.

Superimposed on the image is what looks to be a large battery pack, which would traditionally be located on the floor of the vehicle below the cabin. Long, flat battery packs have been customary on new vehicles for the last few years.

The image also shows what looks to be an electric motor at the front centered behind two headlamps that have sharp, traditional Lexus aesthetics.

Another teaser photo, released last week, showcases the exterior of the vehicle in more detail. There, we see a front that appears snub-nosed, with a smaller grille than what can be seen on current Lexus sedans like the ES and IS. The hood comes nearly to the edge of front end but sweeps back in dramatic fashion thanks o shapely curves that guide the eye up to the windscreen.

Lexus concept car preview 2021The Lexus concept car front end looks to feature a smaller grille than current models, possibly because it's an EV. Photo courtesy of Lexus

Lexus showed its signature checkmark-light daytime running lights under a singular headlight housing, where they were moved during the most recent round of vehicle fascia refreshes. On the concept car, the Lexus "L" badge at the front of the car is illuminated like the emblems on the front of Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes SUVs. Cadillac has most recently shown the illuminated emblem on the forthcoming Lyriq all-electric crossover.

Last week it was assumed that the bubble on the hood of the car was for a large engine. Now it looks like it's for aerodynamics as an automaker would not traditionally pair a battery pack that large with a gasoline engine. Plus, an engine isn't shown in the see-through-like photo distribed most recently.

It's important to remember that this car is merely a look at the future of design for the company and not necessarily a specific new vehicle that on the horizon. They've teased us before, remember.

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New electric SUV

Honda teases its first EV

The Prologue will go on sale as a 2024 model.


Honda is nearing the unveiling of its first electric vehicle, the Prologue, and today the automaker gave us our first glimps of the new vehicle. It's just a sketch, but Honda did share some production details and information on its product roadmap.

Honda DealerHonda plans to sell half a million EVs by the end of the decade. Honda

Honda says the Prologue will be an adventure-ready SUV "capable of satisfying everyday driving and weekend getaways with a strong hint of the well-received Honda e in the front fascia." The SUV was developed in Honda's Design Studio in Los Angeles, and was designed with an eye on Honda's global EV models. Honda said it focused on aerodynamics and fine-tuning the body to reducelines and improve range.

The Japanese automaker developed the Prologue alongside GM, but it has other EVs coming to market by 2026. By 2030, Honda says it will release 30 new EVs globally with a production volume of two million units. The co-developed vehicle is the first, but the rest will be built on Honda e:Architecture. In 2027, the automaker will begin building and selling a line of affordable EVs using the architecture developed with General Motors. Honda says it plans to sell half a million EVs in North America by the end of hte decade.

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First-year Ford F-150 Lightning production numbers doubled

Ford has begun serial production of the new F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, marking what could be one of the most important days in recent automotive history. The first trucks rolled off the assembly line at Ford's Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan today, so America's best-selling truck has finally gone electric. Ford wants to sell two million EVs per year by 2026 and have half of its global sales volume to be electric by 2030.

Ford F-150 LightningPast meets future: Ford's new electric pickup will be the F-150

Ford has seen extreme demand for the trucks, with 200,000 reservations since the books opened. To deliver, the automaker plans to increase production to an annual rate of 150,000 units by next year, which involved huge investments in the Rouge Center and created hundreds of jobs. Ford's total investment for the F-150 Lightning crests $1 billion across Michigan alone, and has created 1,700 jobs across various facilities in the state.

Ford F-150 LightningThe first production trucks left the factory today.
Ford Motor Company

Though the Lightning starts around $40,000, the most mainstream models will cost much more than that. The F-150 Lightning Pro, while affordable, is a stripped-down truck intended for commercial buyers. It's still a forward-looking electric truck with amazing capabilities, but it lacks much of the creature comforts and features that everyday drivers expect. Higher trims get the latest driver assistance features, including BlueCruise, which is Ford's semi-autonomous hands-free driving assistant. A 12-inch touchscreen is standard, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, navigation, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

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