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Lamborghini getting the 1:8 Lego Technic treatment

All about the new Lamborghini will be revealed later this year.

Photo courtesy of Lamborghini

With moveable parts, bells, and whistles, Lego Technic models add more than a bit of engineering to the usual Lego set. Lamborghini is slated to have their first model get the treatment this summer.

A new 1:8 scale set will launch in 2020 and will be the third model in the Lego Technic Ultimate Series following the successful sales of Land Rover Defender and Porsche 911 RSR models.

LEGO Land Rover Defender TechnicA quick look at the Land Rover Defender Technic gives Lamborghini Lego fans an idea of what they're in for with the new model.Photo courtesy of Land Rover

Among the parts that the Lego Technic sets have included are transmissions, differentials, a fully independent suspension, winch, and gearing systems. The Defender Technic included unique details that the average owner may have like a water can That model had 2,573 pieces though inevitably a few builders out there found there were a few extra at the end of the project.

The Defender Technic model is priced at $200 while the Porsche will set buyers back $150. Expect the Lamborghini model to be priced similarly when it arrives on store shelves and online later this year.

Lego recently partnered with Nissan to bring a more affordable version of the GT-R to superfans.

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This 2020 Ford GT drew over $1 million at the auction.


The world may be going through some tough times right now, but you'd never know it looking at auto auction results. One of the largest, Mecum, just reported sales from the auctions it held in Arizona last week, and the results are astonishing. Mecum says it took in $66.3 million in sales, which is a big increase over the previous year's auctions. Attendance was also up, and the event was packed with high-dollar, desirable vehicles.

Mecum Arizona AuctionHow about a 1967 Ferrari for a little over $3 million?Mecum

Mecum says that private collection sales generated $20 million of the $66.3 million, as some brought dozens of vehicles to participate in the auction. The Hooked on Vettes Collection, for example, brought 13 cars and sold every one of them. It even sold a load of neon signs for well over a million dollars.

The top ten vehicles sold at auction drew big dollars. A few include:

  • 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4: $3,025,000
  • 1929 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Convertible Coupe: $2,365,000
  • 2005 Porsche Carrera GT: $2,200,000
  • 2020 Ford GT: $1,100,000
  • 2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster: $698,500

Mecum Arizona AuctionThere was even a Duesenberg, which sold for almost $2.4 million.Mecum

If you've got money to burn and you're sad to have missed out on the Arizona auction, your next shot will be at the end of this month when Mecum hits Houston with 1,100 vehicles. The flagship Mecum auction in Indianapolis takes place in mid-May, and will feature 3,000 cars.

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The automaker released two LEGO models for the holiday season.


McLaren cars are among the quickest and most sought after vehicles on the planet, but not everyone can swallow their six-figure price tags. There's good news, though. Those of us who aren't able to get in the driver's seat can pick up the new LEGO kits and build our own mini-McLarens at home. The automaker partnered with the toy brand to offer two models for the holidays.

McLarenThe open-top McLaren Elva in LEGO form.McLaren

McLaren is also offering auto-themed luggage from Tumi and a special line of clothing, but that's not why where here. We're most interested in the LEGO versions of the McLaren Elva and McLaren Senna GTR. However, with hundreds of pieces each, these aren't the simplest of toys. The Senna GTR LEGO replica comes in 830 pieces and features a V8 engine with moving pistons, opening dihedral doors, and a deep blue livery.

The McLaren Elva is *only* 263 pieces and replicates the cleverly designed, super-aerodynamic open-top car. McLaren says that the real car uses aero to shelter its occupants from wind. There is no windshield and no windows on the car, both of which are details that look great in the blocky LEGO format.

McLarenMcLaren also worked with Tumi to develop car-themed luggage.McLaren

If you're itching to hand-assemble either McLaren LEGO model at home, the Senna costs $49.99 and the Elva costs $19.99.

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