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2021 Roush F-150 offers increased truck performance for a pretty penny

The 2021 Roush F-150 sports familiar design with high-performance upgrades.

Photo courtesy of Roush

The 2021 Ford F-150 is now available at dealerships nationwide. The F-150 Raptor is coming soon. If you want to take your performance to the next level, you'll soon be able to get your hands on the wheel of the 2021 Roush F-150, for a price.

The new truck is a product of the company's racing chops, both on- and off-road. It builds on the 2021 F-150 architecture and enhances its with Roust-engineered body components, a high-performance suspensions, upgraded wheels and tires, and a cat-back dual-tip exhaust system.

A high-flow Roush grille and bumper cover have in-set running lights as well as custom puddle lamps that display the ROUSH logo on the ground when a door is open and a signature ROUSH graphics package.

In place of the traditional "Ford" grille is a "Roush" one.Photo courtesy of Roush

Each model is based on four-wheel-drive XLT Sport and Lariat models and equipped with the 5.0-liter V8 engine.

Additional enhancements include a custom-valved set of Roush/Fox 2.0 shocks. They're equipped with internal floating pistons to provide a smooth and controlled ride in the dirt or on the pavement. Roush says that the front coiler shocks are "outfitted with tuned performance springs that lift the front end two inches" resulting in a level stance for the truck.

Buyers can add a ROUSH Performance brake package to the model that features six-piston Alcon front brakes with upgraded 13.7-inch rotors and high-friction pads and a Roush active control exhaust system, which uses integrated electronic valves to allow the driver to quickly switch between exhaust modes via a console-mounted switch. An Extreme Off-Road Upgrade will be available later this year that will include suspension and tire upgrades for even greater off-road performance.

There's also Roush wide-body fender flares with integrated accent lights and vents. Below, the F-150 rides on General Tire 33-inch Grabber A/TX tires that are wrapped around 20-inch gray ROUSH wheels.

2021 The truck rides on standard 20-inch wheels.Photo courtesy of Roush


But that's not all. The interior gets upgraded as well (and it's already quite plush). The features list includes Roush gauge cluster, serialized badging, custom pedals with rubberized grips for secure foot control and custom Roush floor liners by WeatherTech, as standard.

Buyers can upgrade further to include premium leather seating and the Ready Package, which includes a steel center console vault with a four-digit combo lock and the off-road utility kit that holds a host of trail recovery tools.

"The all-new F-150 has been a highly anticipated project for us," said Jack Roush Jr. "While our roots are in high-performance Mustangs, we've taken that knowledge and our racing prowess and applied to the all-new 2021 F-150. From the six-piston Alcon brakes to the ROUSH/Fox performance suspension, our modifications are engineered to provide unmatched performance, quality, and durability."

Introducing the all-new 2021 ROUSH F-150 | ROUSH Performance

The ROUSH F-150 starts at $16,745 over the factory MSRP of the base truck and comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty. The 2021 Ford F-150 XLT starts at $35,050 and the 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat has a starting MSRP of $44.695. Opting for the V8 adds $1,995 to the F-150 XLT and $800 to the F-150 Lariat.

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David Beckham is the new face of Maserati.

Photo courtesy of Maserati

David Beckham is turning his passion for supercars into a side gig. The former Manchester United midfielder has become the new face of Maserati.

Beckham has a long history as a car nut. He's owned Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, McLarens, Cadillacs, Audis, Aston Martins, Jaguars, BMWs, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Hummers, and Jeeps, just to name a few. A year ago an Aston Martin Volante owned by Golden Balls went under the hammer and a little later in the year he was named one of the top five celebrities people would prefer to have deliver their new car to their home.

Maserati has a number of new projects up its sleeve besides partnering with Beckham. The company recently launched the new Ghibli Hybrid, a vehicle that the Modena-based manufacturer sees as a jumping off point for the new version of the brand - one where electrification and performance take center stage. Call it the Italian version of Akio Toyoda's famous "no boring cars" statement.

"The Brand is moving forward, inaugurated a new Era. Maserati is driven to challenge the status quo being innovative by nature, powered by passion, and unique by design. The partnership with David is the embodiment of all these values,: said Paolo Tubito, Maserati Chief Marketing Officer.

For 2021, Maserati also added a trio of Trofeos to its lineup. The The Maserati Levante Trofeo,. Ghibli Trofeo,and Quattroporte Trofeo are the most extreme versions of the vehicles available new from the manufacturer.

Beckham makes his debut in a new movie featuring the Levante Trofeo, performing the "audacious" act of driving a Maserati. The setting is Miami, the home city of Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami, an MLS soccer club that Becks co-owns with Marcelo Claure, Jorge Mas, Masayoshi Son, and José R. Mas.

Maserati and David Beckham: two of a kind

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The 2021 Lamborghini Sián Roadster is a smile maker.

Photo courtesy of Automobili Lamborghini

If you're not rich enough to have an automaker completely craft you a one-off from scratch, the next best thing is to take full advantage of the company's vehicle customization options. There's usually a special devision that takes care of this. At Aston Martin, it's Q. Bentley has Mulliner and Porsche offers up their Manufaktur department.

Lambroghini's Ad Personam customization program offers five key areas where customers can make the vehicle they order unique. Specialists assist customers at every step of the process, taking into consideration their demands as craftspeople create the vehicle that's ordered.

The choice of 348 unique colors.

Lamborghini Ad Personam paint colors

Lamborghinis are offered in a wide variety of colors.

Photo courtesy of Lamborghini Automobili

Though not every color is available in every region of the world, there are 348 total options offered to customers. Americans tend to be the most demanding, requesting 20 percent of the custom colors that Ad Personam offers up, followed by customers in Asia Pacifica and EMEA region.

Take the car to the next level with diamond dust paint.

All that glitters isn't always gold. Sometimes it's diamonds. Ad Personam offers Lamborghinis with a new transparent paint that includes micro crystals in the form of diamond dust. This dust undergoes a unique processing technique and is applied to the bodywork of the supercar, giving it an iridescent sheen that changes color according to reflections of the light at that moment.

Add a unique work of art.

Lamborghini's talented upholstery department has seen it all. In addition to the typical orders, they're able to take special requests for unique decorations and embroidery, from the seat logo, hand-stitched rather than hot-embossed, to the initials embroidered inside the passenger compartment.

Some of the most creative options requested by buyers include creating branches and peach blossoms, portraits of the customer or their beloved pet, designs in street art style with the bull, and "splash-effect" color (like in the Aventador S by Skyler Grey), to images of the skyline of their favorite city.

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