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Google and Fiat partner for new polka dot-covered car models

The Google logo appears for the first time on a car thanks to the partnership.

Photo courtesy of Stellantis

"Hey Google, where is my Fiat 500X Hey Google parked?" A new lineup of car models from Fiat celebrates the technology of Hey Google. The special editions are mainly just a publicity stunt (for both companies), but buyers will be able to place an order for the fresh 500 family models this month.

Each car in the special series is equipped with the Hey Google voice assistant. Owners can connect their car to the their Google Nest Hub (included in a welcome kit with purchase) and smartphone, should they so choose.

Owners will use the phrase "Hey Google, ask my Fiat…" to get answers regarding questions about where the car is parked, how much fuel is left, the location of the nearest workshop, and much more.

Fiat 500 Family Hey Google: Fiat 500L

Photo courtesy of Stellantis

In addition to the tech, each Hey Google cars are equipped with unique exteriors and interiors. They have white paint jobs on their bodies and gloss black roofs and mirror caps. For the first time in automotive history, the Google logo is displayed on an automobile. The Hey Google badge is placed on the wheel arches of every model. Both B-pillars are also embellished with the multicoloured 'molecules' of the Hey Google logo.

The molecules are also displayed on the inside where they feature on the seats, which also have a label embroidered with "Hey Google". The dashboard fascia is matte silver with a white 500 logo.

At the center of the dashboard is a 7.0-inch touch screen display that features an animation where "Hey Google" appears then moves to the Google "G" then transforms to the Fiat logo.

Fiat will offer Hey Google editions of their 500, 500X, and 500L. The Fiat 500 hybrid Hey Google are priced from £16,005 OTR, 500X Hey Google priced from £21,765 OTR, and 500L Hey Google priced from £20,345 OTR

Deliveries are limited to the U.K. Ordering for the special series opens mid-April.

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Maserati has released the first photos of new special edition vehicles.

Photo courtesy of Maserati

Italian automakers like Ferrari and Maserati are steeped in racing heritage. Every once in a while that heritage comes to the forefront of a new limited edition model. The Maserati F Tributo special edition Ghibli and Levante are just that.

The story of Maserati's racing history begins 95 years ago. On April 25, 1926, the first race car wearing the Trident on its hood, the Tipo26, won the 1,500 cc class at the Targa Florio with Alfieri Maserati at the wheel. Maserati, an Italian automotive engineer, was a key player in founding and establishing the Maserati brand, alongside his brothers.

Maserati F Tributo Special Edition Levante The special edition Levante will likely start near $100,000.Photo courtesy of Maserati

Twenty-eight years from that first car's win, Maserati, the company, made its Formula One debut with a 250F driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. The new Ghibli and Levante's names derive from that F1 partnership. The "F" is for Fangio.

Maserati is making the special series available in two exclusive colors Rosso Tributo and Azzurro Tributo, two colors designed to be reminiscent of Italian motorsports. The red is derived from its traditional application in the motorsports world, especially in Italian motor racing history. The blue was created to bring to mind Maserati's historic home, the City of Modena. Blue stands alongside yellow on the city's flag and coat of arms.

Further, there are references to Fangio's 250F with the special editions' yellow brake calipers and the wheel trims. Maserati has given the Levante F Tributo Anteo 21-inch black wheels and the Ghibli gets 21-inch Titano glossy black wheels.

Each special edition is marked with a specific glossy black badge on the wheel arch and a body-color trident logo on the C-pillar.

The interior reflects the exterior with either red or yellow stitching holding together black full-grain Pieno Fiore leather.

Maserati F Tributo Special Edition Ghibli The Ghibli F Tributo goes on sale in North America later this year.Photo courtesy of Maserati

Maserati will offer just 345 of the models for sale and both versions of the special edition will be available to U.S. customers.

Maserati will offer the Ghibli F Tributo based on the Ghibli S GranSport, which retails for $88,035 or the Ghibli Q4 GranSport ($90,535). Both models have a 424-hosepower V6 under the hood. Levante versions of the special edition are similarly engined and based on the Levante S GranSport ($95,385). Exact pricing for F Tributo models will be available closer to their North American on-sale date of June 2021.

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A track-honed version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast is coming soon.

Photo courtesy of Ferrari
Sure, there's been plenty of spy photos, but the first official photographs of the Ferrari 812 Superfast have finally dropped, giving enthusiasts some intel on a car that just a few of them will be able to afford and even less will be able to purchase. The photos come ahead of the car's debut, which is set for May 5.

Ferrari has yet to decide on a name for the car, at least publicly. All they're saying now is that it's a special version of the 812 Superfast. Changes to the car, for its limited edition run, focus on honed-in 812 characteristics. The current 812 Superfast is billed as the "fastest and most powerful" Ferrari to date. This new version could be even more powerful.

Photo courtesy of Ferrari

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The Italian supercar manufacturer says that the new car "encapsulates and epitomizes the company's 70-plus years of experience on the world's circuits". Ferraris, according to the company, are best known for their "performance, form, and function" and this new model will include "numerous uncompromising engineering solutions to guarantee peerless driving pleasure".

This new car will feature Ferrari's V12 engine, which produces 819 horsepower, and revs to 9,500 rpm, the highest of any Ferrari with an internal combustion engine. It has class-leading vehicle dynamics thanks to four-wheel steering and an ultra-connected drive experience. The seventh iteration of Ferrar's side slip control vehicle dynamics system debuts on the new model. There's new front air intakes, rear diffuser, and exhaust configuration all as a means of enhancing downforce.

High- and low-tech solutions play into the performance of the new car. Aerodynamicists formed the car to a shape that is unprecedented for a road car. The typical rear window has been changed out for a single-piece aluminum structure. Lightweighting has been done in various places including the door panels where a new design weighs less and gives the cockpit a sportier look.

In the new photos, Ferrari shows that the special series has a personality that differentiates its from the 812 Superfast. This was achieved by generating unique styling themes. A carbon fiber blade traverses the hood of the car and emphasizes the width of the car. The tail of the model has a unique look that gives the car the look of a fastback and includes a higher spoiler.

Stay tuned for details from the full review.

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