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Elton John's Maserati Quattroporte heads to the auction block

Sir Elton John's 2025 Maserati Quattroporte is up for auction this month.

Photo courtesy of The Market

A 2005 Maserati Quattroporte first owned by Sir Elton John will go up for Auction later this month via online classic car auctioneer, The Market. Purchased between John's 2004-2005 Peachtree Road Tour and 2006 European Tour, the car belonged to John at the beginning of his Las Vegas residency.

This Quattroporte is no slouch. The four-door full-size luxury saloon car was in its fifth generation when purchased, having been completely redesigned for the 2003 model year. It is finished in a Verde green paint job that is complemented by a Cuoio biscuit interior with rosewood veneer.

In addition to its base features, the car was originally spec-d with a rear-seat DVD player and screen, games input, two headphones, a remote control, and six CD autochanger.

Elton Johns's 2005 Maserati Quattroporte 

Elton Johns's 2005 Maserati Quattroporte

Photo courtesy of The Market

The winner of this car will receive unique add-ons to their sale including the official Maserati welcome letter addressed to 'Mr John', a copy of the original V5 certificate donning Sir Elton's name, and the current number plates.

"Sir Elton is a national treasure and a global superstar, who has impeccable taste when it comes to buying cars," said Tristan Judge, director, The Market. "Indeed, the car is in excellent condition and has evidentially been treated like a celebrity itself over the years."

"This is a very special opportunity for worlds to collide for enthusiasts of both music and collectible cars, grabbing themselves a genuine piece of memorabilia," added Judge. "The vehicle's new owner will be able to enjoy the kind of luxury drive you can expect from a top of the range Italian beauty, as well as revel in the history this car has had in the hands of a music icon."

The car was purchased by its current owner in 2016 and has covered just 1,000 miles since then having been dry stored. Its odometer reads 28,493 miles.

The Market expects the car to sell for between £15,000 and £40,000. There is no reserve.

The auction of this Maserati Quattroporte will run February 18 through 25, 2021.

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The 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine delivers big power numbers.


The old saying that there's "no replacement for displacement" isn't quite as accurate as it once was. Turbochargers and the latest engine designs have made it possible to extract major power from smaller, more efficient power plants. Stellantis' latest announcement proves this point, as its new Hurricane inline-six-cylinder engine will generate big power numbers from a relatively modest 3.0 liters and two turbos.

Stellantis says two variants will be available. The standard output version produces more than 400 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, while a high output variant delivers more than 500 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque. The twin-turbo inline-six delivers that power with up to 15 percent better fuel efficiency.

Stellantis Hurricane Inline-SixIt's not yet clear which vehicles will get the engine.Stellantis

The new engine comes as Stellantis works to position itself for an electrified future. The automaker stated a goal of 50 percent a 50 percent battery electric vehicle mix by 2030, but notes that gas engines will still play a major role in its vehicle line for years to come. "The Hurricane twin-turbo is a no-compromise engine that delivers better fuel economy and an important reduction in greenhouse gases without asking our customers to give up performance," said Micky Bly, Stellantis head of propulsion systems.

At this point, it's unclear which vehicles will get the new engine, but Stellantis' brands are packed with opportunities. Dodge, whose Hellcat-powered muscle cars could be a good candidate, and then there's Jeep, with a line of off-road-ready SUVs that could greatly benefit from such an engine. The Hurricane's projected high output of 500 horsepower puts it behind the Hellcat engines power output, but it's still strong enough to make a seriously quick vehicle.

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You can apply to become a Dodge ambassador with some great perks.


One lucky person is about to win the car enthusiast's job of a lifetime, though only for a year. Beginning today, Dodge is accepting applications for its new and temporary Chief Donut Maker

If the title alone isn't enough to make the job sound appealing, the benefits are seemingly endless. The lucky new Dodge "employee" will pick up a $150,000 salary, along with the opportunity to drive an SRT Hellcat company car for the year. Additionally, the winner will participate in all manner of racing and car-related events, take courses at Radford Racing School, and get a load of Dodge-branded clothing.

Dodge is Hiring a Chief Donut

If you're reading this and thinking it sounds like a blast - you're right. There's a catch, however, which comes in the form of an intense consideration process that culminates in a racing event with a pro driver on a closed course. A panel of judges will evaluate the video entries, and wrestler Bill Goldberg will oversee the race between the top ten finalists. Dodge says the series of eliminations will air like a reality TV show, with the winner being revealed in the final episode.

Today is the opening day of the application period. You have until February 28 to submit your short video, which can be a maximum of two minutes. Get busy making your video and head here to submit it before the deadline.

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