Chevrolet expands availability of Midnight, Sport, and RS packages

The 2021 Chevrolet Traverse Sport Edition is a new addition to the company's lineup.

Photo courtesy of Chevrolet

Chevrolet is known for offering a long list of packages for their trucks and SUVs. That list is about to get longer for some. The company's Midnight, Sport, and RS packages will be offered on an expanded number of vehicles.

The move makes Midnight and Sport packages available on more than half of the Chevrolet lineup, where it's already a popular choice. One out of every five Chevy Trax models is sold with either of the packages. Those two packages will now be offered on the 2021 Chevrolet Traverse.

2021 Chevrolet Traverse Midnight Edition The 2021 Chevrolet Traverse Midnight Edition will be added to the company's lineup for the current model year.Photo courtesy of Chevrolet

"Customer choice is a competitive advantage for Chevrolet," said Steve Majoros, vice president, Chevrolet Marketing. "Special editions and unique trims allow us to offer customers the custom look they want straight from the factory. This helps us get more customers interested in our vehicles, which in turn can help Chevrolet grow sales volume, market share and revenue. It's a win-win for everyone."

The Traverse Midnight Edition comes is available on Traverse LS and LT trims. It has a Mosaic Black Metallic exterior paint color, black ice grille, black-painted aluminum wheels, black bowtie emblem, black badging, and black roof rails.

The Traverse Sport Edition is also available on Traverse LS and LT trim levels. A variety of exterior paint colors are available with the package. It gets black-painted aluminum wheels, a black ice grille, black fog lamp bezels, and black tailgate appliqué along with black roof rails, black badging, and black bowtie emblems.

Chevrolet will expand the RS Trim package to the 2022 Chevrolet Equinox. The offering includes a gloss black mesh grille, 19-inch Dark Android wheels, black bowtie emblems, black badging, black nameplates, and black roof rails. Inside the cabin Equinox RS models get an RS shift knob and black upholstery with red stitching.

It was recently announced that a mid-cycle refresh of the Equinox and Traverse has been pushed back to the 2022 model year due to COVID-19-related delays. Updates for that model year are expected for the exterior and interior of the vehicle though there will likely be no powertrain changes.

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New American supercar

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 gets reveal date

Chevy draws a line from the Z06 directly to its racing program.


The new Chevrolet Corvettewas a revelation when it was finally announced. The car brought a mid-engine design to the Corvette line for the first time, and put decades of speculation over the shift to bed. We've all known that Chevrolet would eventually release an even higher performance Z06 version of the car, but now we know the date. The automaker just announced that the car will be revealed on October 26.

To build hype for the car's announcement, Chevy released a short teaser video of the Z06 tearing around the Nurburgring. It's clear from the film that the car we'll see in October will be a different beast from its standard predecessor, which mainly comes down to a big change in its powertrain.

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 The new car will be revealed in October.Chevrolet

The new Z06 is expected to feature a flat-plane crank V8 that will allow it to rev to 8500 or 9000 RPM. The car should see in excess of 600 horsepower from its howling V8, which will be sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.

As it has done with other Z06 models, Chevy will bolster the Corvette's suspension and brakes to accommodate higher speeds and the jump in power. The car will be able to carry more speed into corners and stop in a shorter distance than its standard counterpart, which will improve its lap times at the track. Various active and fixed aerodynamics components are also expected.

The C8 Corvette's interior is anything but boring, and the Z06 will carry on with that tradition. We'll still see the long center strip of buttons and controls, along with a digital gauge cluster and nicely upholstered sport seats. The Z06 will most likely get more in the way of carbon fiber and race-inspired trim pieces, but the layout won't deviate from the standard car to a great degree.

2023 Chevrolet Corvette The Z06 will be powered by a flat-plane crank V8.Chevrolet

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New sports car

The Acura Integra is coming back in 2022

This is all we know about the new Integra's styling.


Secrets are hard to keep these days. It seems like new products always end up being leaked by one of the hundreds of people involved in the development process, to the point that even the most secretive companies have a hard time unveiling a product that people don't already know about. That wasn't the case this week, though. After announcing the final version of its NSX supercar at Monterey Car Week, Acura took to the skies with an impressive drone show that eventually spelled out a message no one expected to see: The Integra is coming back in 2022.

The original car launched in 1986, and its legend grew over time. After accumulating dozens of awards and spawning an entire industry around customizing and enhancing the Integra, Honda and Acura discontinued the car in 2001. We saw a successor to the crown in the Acura RSX for a few short years afterward, but it's been 15 years since a small, tossable sports car has graced the Acura catalog. Granted, Honda has been on a tear with the Civic Si and Civic Type-R, but there has been a hole in the Acura lineup for some time now.

Acura Integra The original Integra is the stuff of legend.Acura

Waiting is the hardest part, as they say. Other than the gorgeous drone display and tantalizingly mysterious teaser photo, we know nothing, which is a difficult spot to be as a car enthusiast. There are a few details, though. The car will return in 2022 as a "compact premium entrant," according to the press release. Company VP and Acura Brand Officer Jon Ikeda also said that the car is "returning to the Acura lineup with the same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original, fulfilling our commitment to Precision Crafted Performance in every way – design, performance and the overall driving experience."

Given parent company Honda's success with performance versions of the Civic, we're optimistic that the 2022 Integra will put its compact dimensions to good use on the road and on the track. We'll have to be patient, though, because official details won't become available until closer to the car's introduction in 2022.

2022 Acura Integra Acura shared the new Integra's logo.Acura

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