2022 Mercedes EQB is an all-electric version of the GLB SUV

The Mercedes EQB is coming to the U.S. in 2022.

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

The formula is simple enough. Take the Mercedes-Benz GLB and add electric power making it a battery electric vehicle (BEV). Meet the 2022 Mercedes EQB (which may not come to the U.S. until the 2023 model year).

This take on the GLB is the same size as the traditional GLB. It is a subcompact SUV that, like the EQC before it, adopts the last letter of its "GL" name and adds it to the electric lineup's "EQ" nomenclature.

Shown first in a spec for China's customers, the EQB changes out the grille of the GLB for the typical Mercedes-EQ black panel with a central star. There is a continuous light strip at the front and rear of the car, bordered by full-LED headlights with blue highlights within the lamp housing. At the top are studded roof rails.

2022 Mercedes MQB: Exterior

2022 Mercedes MQB: Exterior

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz


Each EQB rides on light-alloy wheels in a bi- or trim-color design, up to 20 inches in size. A rose gold-colored wheel and wheels with decorative blue trim will be available in some markets.

Customers in China will get the EQB with AMG Line styling. It will have an output of 288 horsepower. In Europe, customers will be able to choose between front- and all-wheel drive versions of the EQB, and have the opportunity to pick the right power level for them. Some of the outputs are rated over 268 horsepower.

Usable battery capacity for Europe is 66.5 kilowatt-hours. A long-range version is also planned.

Mercedes says that the EQB can be charged at up to 11 kilowatts with alternating current using the onboard charger. Charge time will vary by infrastructure and country-specific vehicle equipment.

At DC fast-charging stations, the EQB can charge at a rate of up to 100 kilowatts. When that happens, the charging time to get from 10 to 80 percent charged is a little over 30 minutes. The car's CCS connector is on the right-hand side.

2022 Mercedes EQB: Interior

2022 Mercedes EQB: Interior key fob

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes me Charge technology is available in Europe and the U.S. allowing plug-and-charge.

The cabin of the GLB is designed to seat up to seven. The car's available two third-row seats are capable of fitting people up to 5 feet 4 inches tall, and can accommodate child seats. Altogether, up to four child seats can be placed inside the GLB.

Headroom for occupants of the first two row of SUVs is average for a compact SUV (about the same as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and Subaru Forester). It has up to 60 cubic-feet of cargo space.

The interior of the EQB is straight out of the GLB playbook with some design accents to jazz it up a bit. Depending on the design and equipment line chosen by the buyer, a backlit trim piece and rose gold-colored decorative elements can be featured on the air vents, seats, and vehicle key. The instruments, with their electric car-specific displays, pick up on the same color scheme with rose gold-coloring and blue highlights.

The car comes with navigation with electric intelligence, an algorithm that incorporates navigation data, traffic sign recognition and information from the vehicle sensors into its efficiency strategy, calculating the fastest route including any necessary charging stops. Additionally, the tech ensure that the battery is brought to the proper charging temperature before a planned charging stop.

2022 Mercedes EQB: Seating

2022 Mercedes EQB: Seating five recline

Photo courtesy of Mercedes-Benz


The EQB features active lane keep assist and active brake assist as standard. An Assistance Package includes pedestrian and cyclist detection when turning corners.

The EQB will be built at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Germany. Look for it to arrive arrive at U.S. dealers in 2022.

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New performance sedan

2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 on the way with F1 tech

The new C 43 gets engine tech straight from Formula 1.


It's about time we started considering Mercedes-AMG's 43-level cars in some of the same conversations that include the 53- and 63-level monsters. Today, Mercedes-AMG announced the 2023 C 43 Sedan. But even though it's the "entry-level" C-Class performance car, AMG gave it some serious upgrades, including standard rear-wheel steering, a mild-hybrid system, and plenty of power.

2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 SedanRear-wheel steering is standard, as is adaptive suspension. Mercedes-AMG

The new turbocharged four-cylinder engine makes 402 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque - up from last year's 385 ponies. It's paired with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, a nine-speed automatic transmission, and rear-biased all-wheel drive. Mercedes says the powertrain is strong enough to propel the C43 to 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.6 seconds.

The four-cylinder is the first production engine with an electric exhaust-gas turbocharger. The tech came directly from the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team, who won the 2021 Constructor's Championship. Where traditional turbochargers have to build boost over a short period of time, an electric motor spins the turbo to start before allowing the exhaust gases to take over. The system is driven by the car's 48-volt mild-hybrid system and should reduce turbo lag and improve responsiveness.

2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 SedanThe car's electric turbocharger is a first in a production car. Mercedes-AMG

Five driving modes are available, including Slippery, Comfort, Sport, Sport +, and Individual. The drive modes alter throttle and steering response, transmission shift points, exhaust sound, and settings for the adaptive dampers. Shockingly, the car comes standard with rear-wheel steering with an angle of up to 2.5 degrees. The system works at speeds of up to 37 mph, and can drastically reduce the C 43's turning radius while improving turn-in and handling.

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New luxury EV

Lexus announces all-electric RZ 450e

Lexus just announced the new RZ 450e


Lexus and Toyota have finally jumped onto the EV train, and we’ll soon see new all-electric SUVs from both. The Lexus variant, named RZ 450e, features a reasonable range, upscale interior, and neat all-wheel drive technology. We don’t have firm pricing for the Lexus, but expect it to start in the mid-to-high $40,000 range.

2023 Lexus RZRange is expected to reach 225 miles per chage. Lexus

The RZ shares a platform and much of its underlying engineering with the Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra, but will take a more upscale approach. Though its size and overall shape are similar to the others, the Lexus’ exterior styling is sharper and sportier, with functional aerodynamic bodywork. A new Lexus logo is spelled out on the rear gate, instead of the traditional “L” of previous models.

The SUV comes with a 71.4-kWh battery that should deliver a range of around 225 miles on a charge. All-wheel drive is standard, and uses the RZ’s dual electric motors to shift power between the wheels that need it most.

Inside, the RZ features a minimalist, open space with controls meant to remind drivers of a horse’s reins. Ultrasuede upholstery and woodgrain trim come standard. Lexus notes the RZ’s head-up display is controllable via steering wheel-mounted buttons that handle navigation, audio, and other functions.

2023 Lexus RZThough similar to the Toyota bZ4X inside, the Lexus IS more upscale and minimalist. Lexus

Speaking of the steering wheel, the first RZs will be available with a round wheel only, but later on, Lexus will offer a yoke-style wheel like the one seen in the Toyota bZ4X concept and Tesla’s Plaid models.

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