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Three MINI models get a fresh face and tech enhancements for 2022 model year

Three MINI models have been refreshed inside and out for the 2022 model year.

Photo courtesy of MINI

The 2022 model year will be the first time at three of the five MINI models have received simultaneous updates. It's worth noting that the MINI Countryman was updated for 2021.

The three models getting refreshed are the MINI Hardtop 2 Door (Cooper, Cooper S, Cooper SE and John Cooper Works), the MINI Hardtop 4 Door (Cooper and Cooper S) and the MINI Convertible (Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works) variants.

Each model wears a new exterior design that makes modern the classic MINI looks while the interior of the cars has gotten a fresher look and tech updates.

2022 MINI Cooper 2 Door

2022 MINI Cooper 2 Door

Photo courtesy of MINI

The MINI Hardtops and Convertibles have gotten a new hexagonal front grille that extends low to the road. There are now feature air curtains the front bumpers and the MINIs have had their fog lights removed. Cooper S and John Cooper Works variants also include a pair of air intakes with high-gloss black surrounds to the left and right of the central intake.

At the rear, new bumpers are designed to emphasize the wider stance of the car and its inherent sportiness. The rear apron has a hexagonal graphic that plays on the grille design. MINI has retained the car's twin-tailpipe exhaust system. John Cooper Works models now have a diffuser at the tail.

MINI will sell the models in three new paint jobs: Island Blue, Rooftop Grey, and Zesty Yellow. MINI Hardtops are available with a Multitone Roof, a color gradient of Soul Blue, Pearly Aqua, and Jet Black in combination with black mirror caps.

LED headlights with a high global back inner housing are standard and coupled with Union Jack LED taillights. The optional Piano Black Exterior is now available on door handles, fuel lid (Cooper S/JCW), exhaust end pipes (Cooper/Cooper S), MINI Logos and model badges (Cooper/Cooper S/Cooper SE) in black.

2022 MINI Cooper 4 Door

2022 MINI Cooper 4 Door

Photo courtesy of MINI

MINI has given the model new 17- and 18-inch wheels including fresh 18-inch Circuit Spoke two-tone and 18-inch Pulse Spoke two-tone options.

The cabin of the MINI models has also been updated. There's a standard 8.8-inch screen in front of the driver. The screen has configurable live widget and is available in two color schemes (Lounge and Sport). SiriusXM is also standard. MINI Ambient Light with six different colors, and a heated steering wheel are available. The cars' steering wheel features a new design with integrated buttons and a Piano Black finish.

All U.S.-bound MINI Hardtop and Convertibles will feature Driving Assistant, which includes lane departure warning technology. Adaptive cruise control is available on automatic and dual-clutch transmission models.

2022 MINI Cooper Convertible

2022 MINI Cooper Convertible

Photo courtesy of MINI

2022 MINI Cooper SE

The fully electric variant of the MINI Hardtop will get the same exterior updates to the front and rear bumpers, side scuttles, and grille, along with the Piano Black Exterior contents mentioned above and the Multitone roof. Additional wheels will be available for the MINI Cooper SE starting in March, including 16-inch Victory Spoke black, 17-inch Tentacle Spoke black, and 17-inch Scissor Spoke two-tone options. The MINI Cooper SE will also receive most of the interior updates.


Model year 2022 MINI Hardtops and Convertibles will see only a $500 increase across most trim levels. Some grades, like the MINI Cooper S Hardtop and MINI Cooper S Convertible, the Iconic trim on the MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop and MINI John Cooper Works Convertible will have no price increase. The MINI Cooper SE has also not had a price increase.

The 2022 MINI Cooper 2 Door starts at $22,400 and the 4 Door has a starting MSRP of $23,400. The 2022 MINI Cooper Convertible starts at $27,400. There is an additional $850 destination fee for all vehicles.

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Chris Teague

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Porsche Cayenne GTSMy SoCal Cayenne śaw snow for the first time in its nearly 200k-mile life last week.Chris Teague

I'd spent a good portion of 2021 wanting a new-old car to drive when I wasn't testing a new vehicle. That's harder than you'd think for someone who thinks, talks, and writes about cars all day, because there are so many interesting, risky, and downright funky options out there in every price range. The added headache for me was that I'd chosen to shop for a "fun" car in one of the most volatile car markets ever seen. Even the extremely high-mileage "untouchable" European cars I wanted to buy were commanding ridiculous prices.

After a solid few months of waffling between various rattletrap Mercedes-AMG, BMW M, and Audi S/RS cars, I landed on an option that had escaped me before: The Porsche Cayenne. First-generation Cayennes are a real bargain now, but the 955/957 (Porsche's internal code for the SUVs) can experience major problems that occur with or without regular maintenance and care. I was determined to buy one, and wasn't overly concerned about mileage, as long as I could count the number of owners on one hand. There was a beautiful 2009 Cayenne GTS with 90,000 miles but nine owners, a gorgeous 2004 Cayenne Turbo with a concerning engine tick, and many more just like them. Finally, I decided to risky-click a 196,000-mile Cayenne GTS in Southern California. It had one owner and one dealer-owner for a month or two prior to sale, its condition looked decent in photos, and I was able to negotiate a reasonable enough price that shipping it from San Diego to Maine wasn't a huge problem.

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Email me at, and I will compile the best and most interesting stories for a story on New Year's Day. May you all have a wonderful 2022.

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