Hyundai reveals powertrains, features of U.S.-bound, refreshed 2022 Kona SUVs

The Hyundai Kona has been given a facelift and new variant for the 2022 model year.

Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor America

Last September, the 2022 Hyundai Kona and Kona N-Line debuted. Now, nearly half a year later, we have the answer as to which powertrains and features will be on the U.S. version of the subcompact SUV as part of its mid-generation refresh.

Power options

The 2022 Hyundai Kona will be sold with a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in the U.S. That engine produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. No changes there from the 2021 Hyundai Kona S, SEL, and SEL Plus. Hyundai is doing away with the six-speed automatic transmission that was paired with the engine previously. Now, it is mated with a new Smartstream Intelligent Variable Transmission.

2022 Hyundai Kona N Line

Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company
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An upgraded four-cylinder will be offered in the Kona N-Line and Limited trim levels. It's a 1.6-liter turbo-four that delivers 195 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque. That's 20 horsepower more than the same engine put out in the 2021 Kona Night, Limited, and Ultimate models. The engine is paired with the same seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Hyundai will give the 2022 Kona Electric a 150 kilowatt hour permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor and 64 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that deliver 291 pound-feet of torque to the Kona Electric's front wheels - nothing new there. Expect the powertrain to deliver a Hyundai-estimated 132 MPGe in the city, 108 MPGe on the highway, and 120 MPGe combined. Charging time remains the same.


Hyundai traditionally equips their models with a long list of standard and available features. The Kona is no exception. The options list includes a sunroof, shark fin antenna, leather-trimmed seats, heated seats, automatic climate control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, proximity key with push-button start, and one-touch up/down windows.

Hyundai has given the Kona S a standard 8-inch infotainment touch screen. Satellite radio gets added in Kona SEL models while a 10.25-inch screen is available on Kona N-Lines and standard on the Kona Limited. An eight-speaker Harman Kardon premium sound system is available on N-Line models while Limiteds get ut standard.

Curiously, the 2022 Kona has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto only on models with the standard 8-inch infotainment screen. The larger screen has compatibility for the tech, but it must be wired to connect. Two USB ports are standard. The Kona Limited comes with three - an extra in the rear. A wireless smartphone charge is standard on the Kona N-Line and Limited.

The 2022 Hyundai Kona will arrive stateside later this year.

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Hyundai released pricing for the Ioniq 5 today.


The first of Hyundai's Ioniq-branded electric vehicles is almost here, and the automaker finally released pricing information. The Ioniq 5 starts off at a reasonable price and reaches deep into premium territory, but it's got the capability and the equipment to justify its price tag.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Owners will get two years of free charging. Hyundai

Pricing for the line includes:

  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 SE Standard range with 168 hp and RWD: $40,925
  • SE single motor with 225 hp and RWD: $44,875
  • SE dual-motor with 320 hp and AWD: $48,375
  • SEL single-motor with 225 hp and RWD: $47,125
  • SEL dual-motor with 320 hp and AWD: $50,625
  • Limited single-motor with 225 hp and RWD: $51,825
  • Limited dual-motor with 320 hp and AWD: $55,725
All prices include a $1,225 destination charge. It's also worth noting that the Ioniq 5 is eligible for up to $7,500 in government tax credits, though the size of the final tax rebate depends on the customer's individual situation. Range estimates for the Ioniq 5 span from 220 miles for the SE Standard Range to 303 miles for other single-motor models. Hyundai's party trick with the new crossover is its charging system, which is claimed to replenish the batteries from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes.

Standard features for the Ioniq 5 include 19-inch aero wheels, a 12.3-inch touchscreen with EV information, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, blind spot monitoring with safe exit assist, lane keeping assist with lane following assist, parametric pixelated LED headlights, flush door handle, and more. To ease customers' transition into EV life, Hyundai partnered with Electrify America to provide unlimited 30-minute charting sessions for two years following purchase.

Interior of Hyundai's Ioniq 5 revealed ahead of Feb. 23 debut

Hyundai offers complimentary maintenance for up to three years or 36,000 miles, which includes tire rotations and other services. The car's battery and electric system are covered by a ten-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty. The Ioniq 5 is scheduled to go on sale this month.

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