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New Lister Stealth is one speedy devil, making 666 horsepower and topping out at 195 mph

The 2020 Lister Stealth is based on the Jaguar F-Pace.

Photo courtesy of Lister Motor Company

Britain's oldest racing car company has revealed Britain's fastest and most powerful SUV. The Lister Stealth is a modified on the Jaguar F-Pace SVR that delivers 666 brake horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque.

The Jag the Cambridgeshire company equips modifies to become the Stealth comes with a supercharged 5.0 V8 engine. Engineers at Lister upped the power by 22 percent by working on the engine and cooling system. They custom-built an intercooler and high-performance air filtration system. The upgraded dual supercharger pulleys force more air into the combustion chamber.

2020 Lister Stealth The 2020 Lister Stealth is a high-horsepower and customized version of the Jaguar F-Pace.Photo courtesy of Lister Motor Company

The result is the SUV equivalent of a supercar that has a top speed of 195 mph and can get off the line and to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. That makes it faster than the Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin Vantage, and McLaren 570 GT based on drag race testing at the VMAX200 proving ground.

Lister has given the F-Pace a number of bodywork enhancements to that are designed to change the SUV's visual appeal as well as contribute to the model's aerodynamic performance and engine cooling. Its front bumper has been replaced by a carbon fiber version with two large intakes. A front splitter sits below.

The company has upgraded the SUV's front and rear brakes.

At the back is a large carbon fiber diffuser that sits in the middle of a sculpted bumper. Below is a custom-designed, stainless-steel exhaust system with carbon fiber tips that deliver a "thunderous soundtrack" according to a release.

2020 Lister Stealth

Photo courtesy of Lister Motor Company

Along the sides are distinct wheel arches and skirts. The whole rig rides on 23-inch Vossen forged wheels. The wheels are the only part of the model not made in the U.K.

Inside, Lister has transformed the F-Pace cabin adding Bridge of Weir Nappa leather that buyers can specify in their choice of 36 colors and 90 stitching options. The SUV's sport seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and roof lining all get the customization.

Listen is making just 100 of the models for worldwide sale. Prices start from £109,950. Each model is backed by a Warrantywise seven-year warranty.

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Acura is revealing its next-gen MDX slowly, first with this, the MDX Prototype.

Photo courtesy of Acura

The MDX is the best-selling Acura in the lineup. It's also America's best-selling luxury three-row SUV. But that's not good enough.

Acura is redesigning the MDX and as it prepares to enter a fourth generation, a prototype of the new SUV will be shown on October 14. This looks to follow the same pattern as the TLX launch, which saw a prototype revealed about six months before the true model debut, just after the PMC Edition was put on sale.

Acura says that the next-gen MDX will usher in " new levels of Acura design, performance, technology and craftsmanship, assuming the mantle as the brand's new flagship model". And that's a good thing. The brand revolution that started with the RDX and continued with the TLX looks to go even further in a bid to re-establish Acura on its premium model throne.

The ofirst MDX was the industry's first three-row SUV based on a unibody platform, a design that has since gone mainstream as crossovers and lifestyle SUVs overrun a vehicle type that started as rugged off-roaders and family trucksters. Since it's debut, the MDX has garnered praise from buyers and critics alike including winning the 2001 North American Truck of the Year and 2001 Motor Trend SUV of the Year awards.

Over the past two decades, cumulative sales have surpassed 1 million units, securing MDX's place as the best-selling Acura model, accounting for roughly one-third of the brand's U.S. sales since its launch.

"We're accelerating Acura's commitment to Precision Crafted Performance and this fourth-generation MDX is the most ambitious and consequential redesign of an Acura core model in our history," said Jon Ikeda, vice president and Acura brand officer. "This all-new MDX will take us into new territory in terms of performance, prestige and emotional appeal."

The teaser image (above) and video (below) that were released today highlight the sharply sculpted beltline running the perimeter of the wider, lower and longer MDX, connecting the Jewel Eye LED headlights at the front to the Chicane LED taillights in the rear.

The MDX Prototype pulls heavily from the RDX and TLX with design nods to each. Still, it's unmistakably a three-row SUV. Though we don't know for sure what's under the hood, expect the MDX to have more a dynamic driving style when it debuts, following in the vein of the RDX and TLX redesigns.

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Toyota Mall of Georgia, one of AutoNation's dealerships, has raised money to support the caregivers at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Photo courtesy of AutoNation

You know the pink license plate brackets and the pink-leather jacket clad spokeswoman. All that pink is paying off. AutoNation announced that it has raised $25 million for cancer research and treatment through its Drive Pink (DRV PNK) Initiative. Drive Pink launched in 2015.

In 2020 alone, DRV PNK funds have been invested in seven major research projects through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. BRCF focuses their efforts in six different areas: tumor biology, treatment, survivorship, metastasis, lifestyle and prevention, and heredity and ethnicity.

"AutoNation has played a valuable role in enabling BCRF to be at the vanguard of every major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship," said Mrya Biblowit, BCRF President and CEO.

"Every October, we celebrate all that we have accomplished through DRV PNK" said Mike Jackson, AutoNation's Chairman and CEO. "This year, we've taken our mission to new levels, thanks to the incredible support of our Customers, our Associates and our partners."

As part of its DRV PNK efforts, AutoNation works to raise awareness of breast cancer. The company sponsored NTT Indycar Series drivers Jack Harvey, Alexander Rossi, and Marco Andretti who were behind the wheel of vehicles wearing pink liveries.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and AutoNation will be stepping up its efforts throughout the month. Expect to see ad campaigns reflecting such. The company's annual DRV PNK Across America Day by selecting local cancer treatment facilities to receive care bags for patients battling cancer.

For longtime AutoNation Associate and breast cancer survivor, Lisa Logan, DRV PNK is personal. "Sadly, just about everyone has been touched by cancer. I am so proud to work for a company that not only supported me throughout my journey, but that also supports such an important cause."

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