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Here are all the enhancements the My BMW App got in 2020

The 2020 update for the My BMW App greatly enhances the app's functionality.

Photo courtesy of BMW

BMW has been integrating mobile app functionality into its vehicles since 2013. Seven years on, the company is adding increased functionality to itsMy BMW App that achieves a number of goals: more intuitive design, simplified user experience, and additional features.

"My BMW and the MINI App set the standard for usability, safety and reliability. User feedback and information on the behaviour of users of the previous generation of the app were critical to the development process," said Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President BMW Group Connected Company Development, Technical Operations. "The two apps include popular and frequently used functions, and the new platform allows us to continuously add new functionality, adapted to our customers' needs."

Remote functionality

The My BMW App is now the universal interface for the entire vehicle. It can display information on the status of the vehicle and, depending on the equipment installed, can be used to activate remote functions including locking and unlocking doors and monitoring the vehicle surroundings.


My BMW App 2020 Update

Photo courtesy of BMW

Instead of finding a destination using your phone then having to plug it into the navigation system, users can send a destination found on their smartphone directly to their car's navigation system.

Software updates

My BMW App 2020 Update

Photo courtesy of BMW

Customers receive a notification via the app that a remote software update is available. Users can download the upgrades at home then transfer them and install them in their vehicle, eliminating a stop at the dealership for service.


My BMW App 2020 Update

Photo courtesy of BMW

As announced as part of an Apple press conference earlier this year, BMW Digital Key turns an iPhone into a vehicle key. This tech debuted in the new BMW 5 Series.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa can be used in newer vehicles, utilizing the Amazon account that many buyers already have, and is able to connect the vehicle to a home.

Electrified model status

My BMW App 2020 Update

Photo courtesy of BMW

Electrified BMW vehicles are able to see an overview of their electric range, charging status, and charging history in the app. They can also use the charge and climate timer to optimize the charging process by defining specific time slots for charging and set departure times. Preconditioning is also possible.


My BMW App 2020 Update

Photo courtesy of BMW

Further customization is possible. By linking the app to the BMW ID+ tech, individual preferences can be set in any current BMW vehicle quickly and automatically. Logging into the system is fast now - users simply scan a QR code to transfer settings between vehicles.

Contact your dealerships

My BMW App 2020 Update

Photo courtesy of BMW

Users can utilize the app to contact their dealership directly to make a service appointment and monitor the health of their vehicle. The app also offers access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store and the BMW Online Shop.

Roadside assistance

The app can also be used contact BMW Roadside Assistance. If consent is given, service personnel will see the location and status of the vehicle so that immediate over-the-air assistance can be provided.

The new-generation app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Features and functionality of various parts of the app is vehicle dependent.

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Discontinued sedan

Volkswagen nixing Passat after 2022 model year

Racing Green Metallic is one of four exclusive colors for the car.


After five decades on sale in the U.S., Volkswagen is pulling the plug on the midsize Passat. The explosion of SUVs' popularity and the need to shift production power to electric vehicles are behind the decision, which will take place after the 2022 model year. The cars have been built at the automaker's Chattanooga, TN plant since 2011, but the facility is being repurposed as VW's North American hub for electric vehicle assembly.

Volkswagen is giving the car one last hurrah, however, in the form of the Passat Limited Edition. The car features 18-inch wheels, LED headlights with an Advanced Front Lighting System, and an easy-open trunk. Inside, the cars come with sport seats wrapped in Vienna leather, memory seating, a Fender Premium Audio System, parking assistance, and parking sensors.

2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition Each car gets a special model tag with its limited production number.Volkswagen

Only 1,973 of the cars will be built, and it will only be sold in four colors, each with its own limited production numbers that have special meaning for the Passat:

  • Aurora Red Metallic with Titan Black interior: 411 units to represent the original vehicle production code
  • Racing Green Metallic with Mauro Brown interior: 423 units to commemorate the Chattanooga 423 area code
  • Pure white with Mauro Brown interior: 524 units to signify the Chattanooga plant's May 24 opening date
  • Platinum Great Metallic with Titan Black interior: 615 units to signify six generations of imported Passats, one generation assembled in Chattanooga, and five decades of U.S. sales

Pricing for the 2022 Passat starts at $31,290, which includes a $995 destination fee. Adding Aurora Red Metallic drives the price up by an additional $395. Each car will receive a special number plate to designate its place in the limited production run.

2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition The Passat Limited Edition gets several upscale features. Volkswagen

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Electric vehicle features

The VW ID.4 sounds futuristic

The ID.4 is VW's first electric crossover in the U.S.


The Volkswagen ID.4 is finally here. The electric crossover offers compelling features, decent all-electric range, and a reasonable price. On top of all that, Volkswagen focused heavily on the electric experience with the ID.4, down to the sounds it makes in everyday operation.

Where many automakers seek to humanize electric vehicles with familiar gas engine sounds, Volkswagen hasn't bothered with any of that. Instead, the automaker's ID.4 electric crossover features several sounds that embrace the EV's place in the future of transportation.

On startup, drivers are greeted with a sound that Volkswagen says will alert them that the vehicle is ready to go. It's not at all unlike the flying saucer sounds heard in sci-fi movies decades ago, but it's a nice reminder of the ID.4's future-forward drivetrain.

In motion, VW gave the ID.4 what is known as an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, which helps alert people to the presence of a moving electric vehicle. Since the drivetrain doesn't make the same noises that a gas engine does, EVs can move almost silently at low speeds, so it's important to have some kind of warning sound.

Even the turn signal sounds received scrutiny in the ID.4's design, and while they're still fairly traditional, the sounds are subtle and pleasing overall. Beyond that, VW says it developed a library of sounds for typical vehicle control buttons and other functions that are exclusive to its electric vehicles. The goal, according to the automaker, is that the sound aligns with the vehicles' character, visual design, and features, and that people will be able to recognize a VW EV by its unique sound.

The ID.4 is just the first of several EVs that Volkswagen plans to release here in the United States. Larger family vehicles are on the horizon, and we may even see an electric revival of the legendary VW bus.

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